reCaptcha by BestWebSoft – WordPress plugin

Follow the next steps in order to get and enable reCaptcha protection using the official Google Captcha keys: 1. Open your WordPress admin dashboard. 2. Navigate to the plugin Settings page. 3. Click the “Get the API Keys” link. 4. Enter your domain name and click “Create Key” button. 5. You will see your public and private keys....Read more

Invisible reCaptcha for WordPress – WordPress plugin ...

Invisible reCaptcha for WordPress is an extremely powerful plugin which integrates the new Invisible reCaptcha by Google with your WordPress site. Summary of features. WordPress Invisible reCaptcha Login form protection annihilates Brute Force attacks Registration form protection ments form protection Forgot Password form protection...Read more

Simple Google reCAPTCHA – WordPress plugin

Simple Google reCAPTCHA will protect your WordPress! You have choice between default v2 Checkbox and v3 (like invisible reCAPTCHA). No more spam comments and brute force attacks against user accounts. Small plugin, only necessary code – no ads or tracking! Google reCAPTCHA verification will be required only for not logged in users....Read more

9 Best Free Google reCAPTCHA Plugins for WordPress ...

The WordPress Captcha plugin from Captcha Bank is a feature packed Captcha plugin with tons of options to give your bulletproof protection from spammers and bots. You get to finetune how you want to apply captcha to your website as well as customize it to fit your site’s design and aesthetics....Read more

WordPress Captcha plugins WordPress Anti Spam Register ...

Best WordPress CAPTCHA Plugins 1. Google Captcha. Google Captcha is a fantastic free WordPress plugin that protects your Website from possible threats... 2. Captcha Bank. This another free and powerful WordPress plugin. This plugin acts as a shield and protects your website... 3. Custom Login and ......Read more

Add Google Invisible reCAPTCHA to WordPress With Plugin

Below are a few easy steps to add Google Invisible reCAPTCHA Plugin on WordPress website. Step 1: Install Google Invisible reCAPTCHA Plugin To add this useful plugin to your site, log in to your WordPress Admin Dashboard, navigate to Plugins → Add New, search for Invisible reCAPTCHA for WordPress and install the plugin....Read more

How to Add CAPTCHA to WordPress and Keep Spammers Off Your ...

To add a CAPTCHA to it with the Google Captcha plugin, navigate to Google Captcha > Settings > General > Enable reCAPTCHA for within WordPress, and select Login Form under WordPress Default: The Login form option the Google Captcha plugin Your Login page should now be protected. Incorporating a CAPTCHA on Your Password Reset Page...Read more

Ultimate Member – reCAPTCHA – WordPress plugin

Description. This Ultimate Member extension stop bots on your registration & login forms with Google reCAPTCHA. Key Features: Integrates seamlessly with register or login forms...Read more

Wordpress Google Captcha Plugin

Wordpress Google Captcha Plugin

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  • Post Date : January 21, 2021