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Jason Isbell And Nathaniel Rateliff Top Americana's Year ...

This data reflects records reported to the Americana Radio Airplay Albums and Singles Charts (powered by CDX) during the period of Dec. 18, 2019 through Dec. 16, 2020. Top 10 Americana Radio Airplay Albums of 2020 “Reunions,” Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit “And It’s Still Alright,” Nathaniel Rateliff “El Dorado,” Marcus King...Read more

Music Promotion Radio Airplay

Guaranteed Airplay on Internet Radio Get played to millions of listeners who like your style of music You can even pick the popular artist you want to be featured with. Choose from Jay Z to Coldplay to Lady Gaga and thousands of others....Read more

Radio Airplay How to Get Radio Plays & Have Your Songs Heard

Every career is unique, and radio airplay might be a principal medium for one artist and a useless investment for another. However, given the size of radio audiences, it’s not something that can be overlooked....Read more

Radio Airplay Pros Your Radio Airplay Promotion Experts ...

Radio Airplay Pros offers a guaranteed radio promotion music promotion service for independent artist seeking to exposure their music to a broader audience and secure radio airplay. We promote your music to online radio, college radio as well as FM terrestrial radio stations. With more than 25 years radio airplay promotion experience, we have a very strong relationship with BDS, Mediabase ......Read more

Sam Smith's 'Diamonds' Sparkles Atop Dance Mix Show ...

(The Dance Mix Show Airplay chart measures radio airplay on a select group of full time dance stations, along with plays during mix shows on nearly 80 top 40 formatted reporters.)...Read more

Airplay Plus Radio Airplay

“Radio Airplay fits perfectly into my promotional plans for generating internet social media buzz. With limited outlets in Chicago for independent artists in the music industry, Radio Airplay is a great option that allows fans to get to know my music and who I am at the click of a button.”...Read more

Radio Royalties How Do Radio Stations Pay Artists?

Rome Convention recognizes the neighbouring rights for airplay on radio stations in the signatory countries — but only to recording artists that are residents of one of those countries. “If the US radio stations don’t pay neighboring rights to non US citizens, we will refuse to pay those royalties to all US citizens”....Read more

Radio Airplay Promote your Music online Get your song ...

You'll most likely have a Radio Airplay artist such as yourself pop up into your station. What are play credits? Answer: Credits are needed in order for your song(s) to be placed into rotation on Jango artist stations. 1 play credit is equal to 1 standard targeted play to a unique listener currently tuned into an artist station on Jango....Read more

Radio Airplay Artist

Radio Airplay Artist

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