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Ninja Naruto Online Oasis Games Wikia Fandom

Allows players to recruit ninjas, organise and train their team and transform their character. The Ninja function is available from level 3 onwards and allows the recruitment and organisation of other ninjas to the player's team....Read more

Ninja Location List Naruto Online Oasis Games Wikia Fandom

Treasures * means will 100% get the ninja at that amount ~ means have a chance to get the ninja in around that amount Akatsuchi – Five Kage Treasure (~10 Draws) Asuma – Elite Instance Tendo Treasure (~10 Draws)...Read more

Naruto Online Official Naruto MMORPG Game

Age: 16 Weight: 46.5kg. Battle Style: Main fighting methods include Medical Ninjutsu, Poison and Water Style. Particularly adept at carrying out Chakra operations. Aside from Water Style and ninjutsu attack, also extracts enemies' Chakras ..... More. Crimson Fist. Gender: Male Height: 181.1cm. Age: 16 Weight: 82.3kg....Read more

Unlimited Ninja Free Naruto RPG Online Game Joyfun

Unlimited Ninja is a free MMORPG browser game from Joyfun.Join the naruto game,become a great Ultimate Naruto and lead your team to victory today !...Read more

Recruit NarutoOnline Wiki Fandom

1 2 Bond Treasure 3 Seal Treasure 4 Tendo Treasure 5 Sage Naruto Treasure 6 Edo Tensei Treasure 7 Land of Lightning Treasure 8 Jinchuriki Treasure 9 Jinchuriki Treasure 2 10 Five Kage Treasure 11 Great Ninja War 12 Time Limited Treasure I 13 Time Limited Treasure II Tendo Treasure is unlocked at level 50. Sage Naruto Treasure is unlocked at level 55. Edo Tensei Treasure is unlocked at level 60 ......Read more

Naruto Online How to Get Ninja Fragments

Ninja Fragments are an invaluable resource in Naruto Online as they are needed to recruit powerful Shinobi to fight alongside you during your adventure. The thing is, they aren’t the easiest......Read more

Naruto Online Dear Ninja, We would like to thank you ...

Dear Ninjas, Thank you for your continued support of Naruto Online.... We’ll be opening one new server on 11 25 20 and invite all ninjas to join us in our journey of Fire! New Server Info: S1633: Forest Wall Server Opening Time: 10:30AM HK Time 11 25 20 We’ve prepared a mixture of server opening events. Don’t miss out!...Read more

Ninja Academy

Main Main Main ( Inuzuka Ashi, Rinha Otome, Uchiha Obito )Inuzuka Ashi, Rinha Otome, Uchiha Obito )...Read more

Naruto Online Ninjas

Naruto Online Ninjas

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