Joomla! Extensions Directory

Find extensions for your Joomla site in the Joomla Extensions Directory, the official directory for Joomla components, modules and plugins....Read more

Module Joomla! Documentation

Modules are lightweight and flexible extensions used for page rendering. These modules are often “boxes” arranged around a component on a typical page. A well known example is the login module. Modules are assigned per menu item, so you can decide to show or hide (for example) the login module depending on which page (menu item) the user is currently on....Read more

Joomla! Extensions Directory Modules Management

Organize your modules in positions adding responsive design features! Displays modules from one module position in another. Great when: * You need to show hide some module(s) responsively or * You're using several templates with non matching module position names and you don't want to have two copies of each module or * Your template has separate module positions for mobile layout (e.g. Shape5 ......Read more

bgMAX, by LOMART Joomla Extension Directory

bgMax is a module that simplify the management of background images on your site. The background image (defined or random) can grow depending on the size of the browser with optional fading effect, be repeated, appear during specific periods or by content....Read more

Joomla! Extensions Directory Maps & Locations

Easy Store Locator is an easy to use responsive Joomla module that can be to mark multiple locations on Google Maps. This module is preferred for the companies or store which has businesses on multiple locations . The exact latitude and longitude for the place has to be defined to mark it on Google maps. The map supports more than 40 different ......Read more

California Modulars ADU Homes in Northern California

Even with a small lot no bigger than 324 square feet of space, California Modulars can build an ADU on your lot! Using less of your budget and rapid off site construction methods, we are proud to claim the we have one of the smartest solutions on the market....Read more

How To Increase PHP Upload Limit for Joomla 《JoomForest》

JF Login Free Joomla Login Module; Joomla Mobile Menu Module; JF SlidesJS Free Joomla! Slideshow Module; JF Tweets Free Twitter widget module for Joomla! ... For example, to set a file upload limit of 100 megabytes, it is recommended to set the upload_max_filesize directive to 100M, and the post_max_size directive to 101M. 4....Read more

SJ Youtube, by SmartAddons Joomla Extension Directory

With up to 10 blocks to contain flexible content such as images, links and videos, this module is suitable to integrate into any Joomla! websites without depending on Joomla! versions or visitors' devices....Read more

Free Joomla Extensions, Plugins & Modules to download

FREE JOOMLA® EXTENSIONS free modules and plugins for any webiste or for the Vik Extensions Modules for any website. Modules for the Vik Extensions. Plugins. Free Joomla! Extensions. Vik Wall Image This module shows a big image as a background with all the kind of content you want over it....Read more

Joomla Modul Max

Joomla Modul Max

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  • Post Date : January 24, 2021