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Access Point IP address defines the IP address of your Hotspot's network: Logout address: host ip; Default: An address that can be used by users to logout from the Hotspot session: Authentication mode: External radius Internal radius Without radius Advertisement MAC auth SMS OTP; Default: Without radius...Read more

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The logo file can include a simple image, or include an image and more information about the business or the hotspot. You can customize the information included in the logo image file as necessary for your business. The logo file must be a.JPG,.GIF, or.PNG file....Read more


The company operating the hotspot is offering you (=the user) access to the Internet. To keep this service available certain rules have to be followed: The service may only be used when you are in the premises of the providing company. The user agrees not to use the service to endanger public order, security or morality....Read more

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HotSpot client's e mail, informational value for the HotSpot user: limit bytes in (integer; Default: 0) Maximal amount of bytes that can be received from the user. User is disconnected from HotSpot after the limit is reached. limit bytes out (integer; Default: 0) Maximal amount of bytes that can be transmitted from the user....Read more

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The Jetpack hotspot is a device you can purchase from a mobile carrier like Verizon that will provide a portable hotspot you can connect to. The extension only displays the status of that connection. Posted by Andy Buteau Aug 4, 2017...Read more

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Hotspot Logout

Hotspot Logout

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