Official Hand Signals USA Volleyball SportKit

INDOOR HAND SIGNALS : 1. Move the hand to indicate the direction of service : 2. Extend the arm to the side of the team that will serve : 3. Raise the forearms front …...Read more

Volleyball Officials Hand Signals Set up for Volleyball

In volleyball it is illegal to serve without the official signalling the start of the rally. The first referee would signal the start of the rally and indeed the start of the serve by blowing the whistle and waving their hand from the servers side to the receiving teams side. 16....Read more

Hand Signals Volleyball

Line Fault(Hand Signals Volleyball) When the ball passes completely beneath the net between the two net posts, you signal by extending your arm and pointing with the index finger to the middle of the line....Read more

Volleyball Hand Signals How A Setter Calls Offensive ...

Setters use volleyball hand signals to call the volleyball plays which are sets delivered at different speeds and locations to hitters to hit along the net....Read more

Volleyball Referee Rules & Hand Signals SportsRec

Referees use several hand signals during a volleyball game. The referee blows the whistle to signal the start and end of each play....Read more

Volleyball Referee Signals for Officiating Volleyball

This signal is for when the ball isn't released from the hand at the moment of service contact or if the server doesn't execute the service properly. The motion starts at the thigh and there is less bend at the elbow....Read more

Indoor Volleyball Setter Hand Signals and What They Mean ...

In volleyball, the setter is the primary shot caller. The different offensive plays are often communicated via hand signals....Read more


Illegal Substitution Hold arm nearest offending team head height, open hand, fingers together, elbow bent, making two circles with the arm before pointing toward the court of the offending team followed by penalty signal. 21....Read more

Hand Sign In Volleyball

Hand Sign In Volleyball

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