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Galvanize prepares you for a career as a software engineer or data scientist in as little as 12 weeks. Get Started for Free We now have the best ISA in the industry In response to financial uncertainty, we’ve updated our income share agreement terms to be even more accommodating for our students....Read more

Galvanize Definition of Galvanize by Merriam Webster

Galvanize definition is to subject to the action of an electric current especially for the purpose of stimulating physiologically. How to use galvanize in a sentence....Read more

Galvanize definition of galvanize by The Free Dictionary

1. To stimulate or shock with an electric current. 2. To arouse to awareness or action; spur: "The country was galvanized in the weeks and months after 9 11" (Davis Phinney)....Read more

Galvanize Definition of Galvanize at Dictionary

verb (used with object), gal·va·nized, gal·va·niz·ing. to stimulate by or as if by a galvanic current. Medicine Medical. to stimulate or treat (muscles or nerves) with induced direct current (distinguished from faradize). to startle into sudden activity; stimulate....Read more


Galvanization or galvanizing (also spelled galvanisation or galvanising) is the process of applying a protective zinc coating to steel or iron, to prevent rusting. The most common method is hot dip galvanizing, in which the parts are submerged in a bath of molten hot zinc....Read more

Galvanize Security, Risk, pliance, and Audit Software

Galvanize is the leading GRC software platform which unites teams and strengthen organizations. HighBond; Products. The only cloud based platform to unite the objectives of audit, risk, and compliance professionals through data. Learn more Drive strategic change with our solutions....Read more

We are Galvanize

Galvanize helps tell our story better. It communicates the protection that our integrated governance software solutions bring to security, risk management, compliance, and audit professionals. Because when these teams join forces, productivity increases, insights become more actionable, and the value is undeniable....Read more

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Galvanize’s online preparation is effective yet affordable. We enlighten you without lightening your wallet!...Read more



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