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We are a video game company specialized in modern releases of beloved retro games on PC, mobile and consoles. Retro is our motto....Read more

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Dotemu is specializing in modern releases of beloved retro games. We want to give access to yesteryear’s classic games on today's platforms....Read more

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The latest tweets from @dotemu...Read more

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Dotemu is a French video game company specializing in modern releases of beloved retro games....Read more

Dotemu Delays Windjammers 2 To 2021 Nintendo Life

Dotemu has announced that the upcoming Windjammers 2 will be further delayed on all platforms to address issues raised by player feedback. The game, which will serve as a sequel to the first......Read more

Windjammers 2 Officially Delayed To 2021 as Dotemu Works ...

— Dotemu (@Dotemu) December 10, 2020 Fans will remember that Windjammers 2 was part of the Steam Summer Festival this year. That means the game was finally publically playable for the first time....Read more


Video game dev and publisher specialized in retrogaming. Bringer of good games like Streets of Rage 4, Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap, Windjammers 2, and many......Read more


Dotemu was founded by Xavier Liard and Romain Tisserand in 2007. The company's offices are located in Paris, close to the Folies Bergère. In April 2010, Dotemu launched a new digital distribution service that would sell games without digital rights management, akin to Good Old Games....Read more

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DotEmu did a fantastic job bringing The Last Express to modern iOS devices, fifteen years after its original PC release. Their love for classic games, and awareness of today's mobile gaming market, comes through in their faithful attention to detail. Kenta Sakai, Irem Engineering Inc Public Relation...Read more



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