How to Configure Single Sign On (SSO) for ShareFile Citrix

Citrix Endpoint Management. ADFS 3.0. ADFS 4.0 (Windows Server 2016) Dual IdP ADFS and Citrix Endpoint Management. Citrix Gateway. Microsoft Azure AD. Additional configurations. These configurations have been successfully configured and tested by our engineering teams....Read more

Citrix Files for Outlook unresponsive on or missing from ...

Check the box next to the Citrix Files for Outlook if it is not done so already. Close the dialog box. If the plugin authentication does not start automatically, continue with these steps. If the box was already checked or if the authentication did not start automatically, select the Citrix Files for Outlook and click the Remove button....Read more

Citrix ShareFile® Status Page Status

Resolved Citrix Engineering has mitigated an issue impacting a subset of customers of Citrix ShareFile (FTP) in the EU region. Customers impacted were unable to upload download files via FTP. At this time, we believe that the issues have been fully resolved. We will continue to monitor closely....Read more

Tip Configuring sign out in Citrix ShareFile with ADFS

I’m currently working on an Active Directory Federation Service project and one of the tasks is to integrate with Citrix ShareFile. The integration process went well perhaps it's a topic for a future post and it was completed in a few minutes....Read more

Connector sso with ADFS ShareFile Citrix Files ...

Connectors SSO can not work with ADFS, as Connectors authenticate with Windows credentials and not with SAML tokens (which ADFS would provide). Connectors can leverage SSO when the device is domain joined and you follow the steps outlined here: s: support.citrix article CTX218472. For mobile clients, the only supported configuration would be through XenMobile managed ShareFile apps leveraging the Micro VPN through the NetScaler (as Secure Hub authenticates to NetScaler, the ......Read more

Windows Phone Authentication Problem on Sharefile App ...

Hi Everyone We are having issues trying to configure an account on a Windows Phone device, we are using the sharefile app published on the store. Our authentication configuration is set to use AD credentials, so we have implemented ADFS for SSO with SAML. Recently I read in the forums that we hav......Read more

HowTo Citrix ShareFile SAML Authentication with ...

This is usually due to lack of internet connectivity from the AD FS 2.0 Federation Server or AD FS 2.0 Federation Server Proxy. At service start, when generatePublisherEvidence is enabled for .NET 3.5, the server will attempt to connect to over TCP port 80....Read more

How to setup Citrix ShareFile with Microsoft AD FS 3.0 for ...

Setting up Citrix ShareFile with AD FS 3.0 (Active Directory Federation Services) is probably one of the most common deployments for single sign on (SSO) in an Enterprise environment. To my knowledge it is the only solution that currently supports Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA) where whatever credentials the user is logged into their ......Read more

Configuring ShareFile & ADFS 3.0 for SSO Spiceworks

I created this guide because I couldn't find any documentation for configuring ShareFile to work with ADFS 3.0. As some of you may or may not know, ADFS 3.0 was revamped and is no longer part of integrated with IIS. This changes quite a few things during the setup. So, here we go! What you will need in order to follow this guide:...Read more

Citrix Sharefile Adfs Not Working

Citrix Sharefile Adfs Not Working

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  • Post Date : January 26, 2021